Glenn started as a professional photographer at the early age
18 working with names like John Robert Powers and
Montgomery Ward charm school.

At the age of 22, Glenn moved to Hawaii to expand his photography career. He joined Kahala Kai Photo Service, at the time the largest photography company in the islands, becoming the senior photographer after only a few years. He soon was well known in the Hawaii as the photographer of choice.

After 20 years of professional photography in Hawaii, he has brought
his talent and style back to Los Angeles.

                                   With clients like:

Hilton Hotels                                            Code Inc.
Michael Carson Productions Inc                Princess House
Honda Canada                                         Gallery of Homes Inc.
Hawaii Visitors bureau                              AMD Inc.
Paradise Cove Hawaii                               Avon
On the GO in Hawaii                                This Week
Executive Golfer Magazine                        Hawaiian Gold
Pleasant Hawaiian Holiday                        Don Ho
Bel-Air Magazine
Bel-Air Beverages
Society of Incentive Travel Executives Inc.
Just to Name a Few...